Step 1. Pre-Qualify You

Calculating the finances is the necessary first step in making your dream home a reality. Some people will finance their new home while others will choose to pay for it with cash. In either case "counting the cost" is the necessary first step. If financing is the option you choose,then determining the payments and the total cost of the project is a must. Not only to know what you can afford but, more importantly, what you are comfortable with. Some people can qualify for a $500,000 house but don't want those huge monthly payments. The same is true of the person who pays cash. Just because they have the cash to build a $500,000 house doesn't mean they want to maintain that kind of property or pay those kind of taxes. So determining your financial situation is our first step. When financing your dream home it is critical that you use a quality lending service. Money is available from a lot of financial institutions but not all lenders do a good job. It is important that the financial institution that you choose is familiar with all the current lending programs that are available, finds the best loan for your situation, provide timely service and don't load you up with costly junk fees. Our Stylish Homes Team of professionals can provide you with information on lenders that have proven track records with us and our clients.   

Step 2. Equity in Home

Determining the value of your existing home and what proceeds you will receive takes expertise. Our Stylish Homes Team can help you! We have licensed Realtors® who are trained professionals that can help you in establishing the value of your home and in calculating what proceeds you will receive from the sale of your home. By completing these first two steps, pre-qualifying you and establishing what you will receive from the sale of your existing home, we can use this information to help you determine what you can look forward to in your new home. If you are not working with a Realtor®, our Stylish Homes Team has licensed Realtors® who have the expertise and experience to assist you in marketing your existing property. The advantage of having us market your property is that we have a vested interest in the sale of your home. You cannot move into your new home if your old one hasn't been sold. By having one team of professionals handle all aspects of the "move up" process you can expect the process to be smoother and more cost effective. Our Stylish Homes Team of professionals can provide with the quality service you need to make your new dream home a reality with a little stress as possible.   

Step 3. Building Site

Choosing a building site is as important as building the house! At this point we are ready to select a building site. The building site is the first significant cost we have to work with. The Stylish Homes Team has the expertise and the contacts to help you select a building site. Basically there are two types of sites. First is a lot or a piece of property that is not in a sub-division. Then we have the site or piece of property that is in a sub-division. When working in a sub-division our team of experts have insight as to what is available. Many building sites are sold or reserved before the public ever becomes aware of the sub-division. This is because the people who market the property are busy getting commitments from builders and Realtors® even before the streets are in and the project is officially recorded. Before going to our designer we need to have information on the building site. What the size and dimensions are and what the CCRs or requirements are for the sub-division if the site is in one. Different sub-divisions have different requirements. They may require a certain kind of roof or have different restrictions as to how much stucco or brick you can use or what colors you may choose from and many other things as well. The Stylish Homes Team is committed to building your dream home and selecting the right building site is the first major decision we need to make.   

Step 4. Design Home

The Stylish Homes Team has experienced home designers and an architect who will work with you to custom design your new home. Once we know the price range we are working in and the building site has been picked out we can go to the designer with our "wish list". At this point a lot of rough estimating has already been done and now its time to get it down on paper with the specifics. This is the part of the process where it is important to spend some time. We go over every aspect of your new home with you so that every light switch, ceiling fan door, color of paint, type of roof and many other things are decided on and included in our different cost allowances. When we have completed this part of the process we will have agreed on the projected cost, the building site and the floor plan, the design and the specifics of your new home. Many times people have looked at various houses and floor plans and have thought that they would change this or change that. You have probably done that very thing. Putting the Stylish Homes Team to work for you is your chance to have your new home just the way you have always wanted it. Contact us today   

Step 5. Build Your Home

Now it is time to break ground! The project has been appraised and we have approval from a lender with an exact cost that we have all agreed upon. We have the building site picked out and a detailed set of plans that will result in your new dream house. We also have all the necessary building permits that are re- quired and the specific sub-division requirements (if any). The first four steps are necessary to get to this point, but now you will actually see some- thing happening. As the foundation is laid you will start to get excited with anticipation. Then the walls go up and the roof goes on and with each new step you begin to feel the excitement of building your own home and seeing every aspect of it take place. It seems that about the time the wall board goes up everything slows down That is not the case however. This is when all the finish work starts to take place. The wall texture, the painting, the trim work, the lighting and all sortsof detail work that makes your house unique. As we go along with your project feel free to ask questions at anytime. Our Stylish Homes Team has models that are completed for your inspection. We can also provide you with a list of satisfied customers and a list of trade references, suppliers and bank references. If you are ready for that home of your dreams then contact the Stylish Homes Team.   

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