Making a Decision

Many homeowners want to sale and build. Before placing your house on the market and beginning the building process it is smart to ask yourself, 'Is this a practical choice?'. Often the decision to build makes sense. Other times improving makes more sense than moving, especially in today's economy. No matter what the answer, we are prepared to help you find it. Using our training and expertise Stylish Homes can help you obtain all of the numbers, current data and facts to make the best decision.   

Improving Instead of Moving.

When it does make sense to improve your home instead of moving, where are you going to look? Do all contractors know how to remodel as well as they can build? The answer is no. Remodeling a home is a very different experience. From supporting structures already in place while redoing the floor plan to replacing all of your windows, you want someone trained and experienced in the requirements that accompany remodeling. The owners of Stylish Homes are also the owners of Case Remodeling. As certified members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, look no further than Case. Please visit our Remodeling website at to find all of your answers to improving your home.   

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