Step 5. Build Your Home

Now it is time to break ground! The project has been appraised and we have approval from a lender with an exact cost that we have all agreed upon. We have the building site picked out and a detailed set of plans that will result in your new dream house. We also have all the necessary building permits that are re- quired and the specific sub-division requirements (if any). The first four steps are necessary to get to this point, but now you will actually see some- thing happening. As the foundation is laid you will start to get excited with anticipation. Then the walls go up and the roof goes on and with each new step you begin to feel the excitement of building your own home and seeing every aspect of it take place. It seems that about the time the wall board goes up everything slows down

That is not the case however. This is when all the finish work starts to take place. The wall texture, the painting, the trim work, the lighting and all sortsof detail work that makes your house unique. As we go along with your project feel free to ask questions at anytime.

Our Stylish Homes Team has models that are completed for your inspection. We can also provide you with a list of satisfied customers and a list of trade references, suppliers and bank references.

If you are ready for that home of your dreams then contact the Stylish Homes Team.

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