Step 4. Design Home

The Stylish Homes Team has experienced home designers and an architect who will work with you to custom design your new home. Once we know the price range we are working in and the building site has been picked out we can go to the designer with our "wish list". At this point a lot of rough estimating has already been done and now its time to get it down on paper with the specifics. This is the part of the process where it is important to spend some time. We go over every aspect of your new home with you so that every light switch, ceiling fan door, color of paint, type of roof and many other things are decided on and included in our different cost allowances. When we have completed this part of the process we will have agreed on the projected cost, the building site and the floor plan, the design and the specifics of your new home. Many times people have looked at various houses and floor plans and have thought that they would change this or change that. You have probably done that very thing. Putting the Stylish Homes Team to work for you is your chance to have your new home just the way you have always wanted it. Contact us today

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