Step 3. Building Site

Choosing a building site is as important as building the house! At this point we are ready to select a building site. The building site is the first significant cost we have to work with. The Stylish Homes Team has the expertise and the contacts to help you select a building site. Basically there are two types of sites. First is a lot or a piece of property that is not in a sub-division. Then we have the site or piece of property that is in a sub-division. When working in a sub-division our team of experts have insight as to what is available. Many building sites are sold or reserved before the public ever becomes aware of the sub-division. This is because the people who market the property are busy getting commitments from builders and RealtorsĀ® even before the streets are in and the project is officially recorded. Before going to our designer we need to have information on the building site. What the size and dimensions are and what the CCRs or requirements are for the sub-division if the site is in one. Different sub-divisions have different requirements. They may require a certain kind of roof or have different restrictions as to how much stucco or brick you can use or what colors you may choose from and many other things as well. The Stylish Homes Team is committed to building your dream home and selecting the right building site is the first major decision we need to make.

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