Step 2. Equity in Home

Determining the value of your existing home and what proceeds you will receive takes expertise. Our Stylish Homes Team can help you! We have licensed Realtors® who are trained professionals that can help you in establishing the value of your home and in calculating what proceeds you will receive from the sale of your home. By completing these first two steps, pre-qualifying you and establishing what you will receive from the sale of your existing home, we can use this information to help you determine what you can look forward to in your new home.

If you are not working with a Realtor®, our Stylish Homes Team has licensed Realtors® who have the expertise and experience to assist you in marketing your existing property. The advantage of having us market your property is that we have a vested interest in the sale of your home. You cannot move into your new home if your old one hasn't been sold. By having one team of professionals handle all aspects of the "move up" process you can expect the process to be smoother and more cost effective.

Our Stylish Homes Team of professionals can provide with the quality service you need to make your new dream home a reality with a little stress as possible.

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