Step 1. Pre-Qualify You

Calculating the finances is the necessary first step in making your dream home a reality. Some people will finance their new home while others will choose to pay for it with cash. In either case "counting the cost" is the necessary first step. If financing is the option you choose,then determining the payments and the total cost of the project is a must. Not only to know what you can afford but, more importantly, what you are comfortable with. Some people can qualify for a $500,000 house but don't want those huge monthly payments. The same is true of the person who pays cash. Just because they have the cash to build a $500,000 house doesn't mean they want to maintain that kind of property or pay those kind of taxes. So determining your financial situation is our first step. When financing your dream home it is critical that you use a quality lending service. Money is available from a lot of financial institutions but not all lenders do a good job. It is important that the financial institution that you choose is familiar with all the current lending programs that are available, finds the best loan for your situation, provide timely service and don't load you up with costly junk fees.

Our Stylish Homes Team of professionals can provide you with information on lenders that have proven track records with us and our clients.

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