What Does Universal Design Entail?

The family dynamics of today's society are changing. Life expectancy continues to increase, as does the cost of care and housing. More elderly are moving in with younger family members or remaining in their homes today than in the past. In universal design a home is designed to accommodate each member of our family as well as any guest, at the present and for years to come. It is a good way to accommodate the multi-generational family and a smart way to prepare the home for the future needs of residents, loved ones and welcome visitors. Universal design entails the following:

EQUITABLE USE- Safety, privacy and security is equally available and appealing for all users

FLEXIBILITY- The design accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and abilities.

SIMPLE & INTUITIVE USAGE- The Home product is easy to understand regardless of expertise, knowledge and concentration level.

TOLERANCE FOR ERROR- Hazards and user mistakes are minimized through quality-design.

LOW PHYSICAL EFFORT- Provides for efficient and comfortable usage with minimal fatigue.

APPROPRIATE FLOOR PLAN LAYOUT- A suitable amount of size and space is provided for approach, use and manipulation, regardless of users size and ability.

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